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Should I Consider Flood Insurance?

Cole Harrison Insurance will help you protect your largest investment ... your homeIf you live in an area that is likely to flood, the bank may require you to purchase flood insurance. If you live along this coast, you probably fall into this category.

But what about other property owners in Maine? According to the Maine Emergency Management Agency "while rainfall in Maine is generally distributed evenly throughout the year (about 3-4 inches a month on average), a review of Maine's most damaging floods shows that most major floods occur in late winter and early spring - February through May." READ MORE

There was record rainfall in southern Maine in the Spring of 2006. Many neighborhoods, away from the coastline in our community, were underwater. There was significant damage to many roads caused by culvert washouts. This was said to be a "once in 100 year flooding". Ironically, many of these same areas experienced flooding the following year in 2007.

You can view flood maps which site your property on the FEMA web site to see if they lie in or near identified flood zones. Just enter your address into the "Address" mapping panel. TAKE ME THERE

Please speak with your Cole Harrison Insurance agent about flood insurance. We can provide you with flood insurance premium information so you can make an informed decision based upon your own particular property location.

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